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Muslim, Christian Women Walk Together in Glasgow

GLASGOW – Muslim and Christian women had a wonderful time walking  together in Glasgow’s Queens Park to discuss their lives and faith.

“When you’re walking, you look at people differently,” Church of Scotland Moderator, the Right Reverend Susan Brown, told The BBC.

“If you’re walking alongside somebody, the conversation’s a lot looser, it’s a lot freer and I think a lot richer in many respects as well,” she added.

The walk was organized by The Church of Scotland and Amina Muslim Women’s Resource Centre.

It was inspired by the Reverend Brown’s campaign to encourage more people to engage with the outdoors.

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Most Muslims in Scotland are members of families that migrated in the later decades of the 20th century. According to the 2011 census, Muslims population is around 76,737 persons, almost 1.4% of Scotland’s population.

The first Muslim known to have been in Scotland was an Indian medical student who studied at the University of Edinburgh from 1858 to 1859.

Muslims in Scotland are an ethnically diverse population. Although a majority of Muslims are of Pakistani (58%) origin, 16.8% are Africans and Middle Eastern, while 7.8% are White Europeans.

Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow, has the highest Muslim population in the northwestern European country with 5% according to the 2011 census. Though, Pollokshields and Southside Central are the wards with the highest concentration of Muslim residents – 27.8% and 15.7% respectively.

The most important Scottish mosques are the capital city’s Edinburgh Central Mosque, in addition to Glasgow Central Mosque, Aberdeen Mosque, and Dundee Central Mosque.