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Muslim Businessman Donates £100,000 to Manchester Charity

  • Nabeel Mussarat donated the money to Smile Aid charity.
  • The Manchester-based charity provides essential assistance and support to those in distress. 

A Manchester Muslim property developer has donated £100,000 to a local charity to support their aid efforts to communities across the world and the UK.

Nabeel Mussarat of MCR Property Group handed over the money to Manchester-based Smile Aid, Asian Image reported.

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“Smile Aid has consistently demonstrated its dedication to providing essential assistance and support to those in distress,” he said.

“We wanted to create meaningful change in the lives of individuals facing various challenges.”

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Nabeel is also hosting a Smile Aid charity event on Sunday, 15 October. 

He added: “This occasion offers an excellent opportunity for individuals to witness firsthand the incredible charitable endeavors that Smile Aid tirelessly undertakes.”

Drinking Water

The charity has also trained more than 20,000 people in First Aid Training. It is also working to help communities get access to safe drinking water.

“We achieve this by installing Water Wells to provide a regular supply of drinking water. We also Install water plants in schools, mosques, churches, and other community places, where lack of funding is a real issue,” the charity said.

“There are areas in Pakistan where there is severe scarcity of clean drinking water. We have identified the hard-hit areas and installed hand pumps and electric filtered water plants to provide a regular supply of water for drinking purpose and as an emergency support for the agrarian way of life.”

Islamic Shari`ah encourages generosity and charity. In August 2023, Lancashire Muslims raised £20,000 to support East Lancashire Hospice.

Also this month, two Preston local Muslim charities donated £3,382 to Royal Preston Hospital Rosemere Cancer Foundation so it can purchase four new dermatoscopes used for skin cancer tests.