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Mosques and Churches Unite to Help Elderly in Sheffield

With millions of people forced into self-isolation across the world, many are struggling to make ends meet in the challenging time of coronavirus pandemic.

To help those struggling, a Muslim volunteer is leading an interfaith campaign to help people in Sheffield and Rotherham in South Yorkshire, England.

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Aasim Khan from the Human Relief Foundation is leading a team of 20 volunteers from mosques, churches, and other organizations who will deliver food and medication to the elderly and disabled.

“The elderly and vulnerable are desperately in need and we need to restore their faith in humanity by providing them with whatever help we can,” Aasim, aged 28, from Darnall, told The Star.

“While the coronavirus is causing so much unrest, it is important to stay positive and united so we are able to overcome this together as a nation.”

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Aasim Khan from the Human Relief Foundation deliver supplies in Sheffield. Copyright: JPIMedia
Aasim Khan from the Human Relief Foundation deliver supplies in Sheffield. Copyright: JPIMedia

The volunteers will help people with deliveries, picking up shopping and medication, posting mail, getting urgent supplies, topping up gas or electric keys or simply a friendly phone call.

Aasim said his team had already helped dozens of people in Sheffield and Rotherham, including an elderly disabled man with mental health problems who was struggling to get to the supermarket.

“He was just grateful I answered the phone,” said Aasim.

“He was scared he might not have enough food in for over the weekend so I just got him something to tide him over and gave him some advice on how to get more sustainable help.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has infected 683,504 and killed other 32,139, according to the latest estimates by WorldOMeter.

In the UK, there are 19,522 COVID-19 cases. The virus has killed 1,228 so far in the country.