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Middlesbrough Mosque Donates Beds for Hospital Visitors

In a heartwarming gesture, Middlesbrough Central Masjid has generously donated five foldable beds to The James Cook University Hospital, aiming to address a shortage and provide comfort to patients’ families.

The idea of the donated beds came to Gohan Ihsan Mir, the mosque chairman, who discovered the shortage when his mum was admitted to the hospital recently, Teesside Live reported.  

The hospital staff expressed their delight upon receiving this thoughtful contribution from the mosque.

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“They [the hospital staff] couldn’t believe it. The ward manager, Sandra, her face lit up and she said ‘wow that’s fantastic’ and she said ‘you didn’t have to’ and we said ‘it’s our duty’ because if there’s any little thing that we could do we’re more than happy to do that’,” Gohan said.

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 “As Muslims we’ll always try and do the right thing so we made a decision that somebody could benefit from that and if someone’s got a family member in hospital it could make their stay a bit more comfortable by having their relative next to them as well. The ward manager and all the nurses were happy.

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Understanding the significance of family support during hospital stays, Gohan emphasized the mosque’s desire to enhance the experience for visitors staying overnight with their families.

“We were thankful for the recliner chair. It was better than sleeping on a normal chair obviously but we wanted to go a step further and help to improve the experience for visitors going to stay overnight with their families.”