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Marking 35th Year, Muslim Charity Gives Out 35,000 Meals

Celebrating its 35 years in charity-giving business, a leading British Muslim charity (Muslim Aid) said it would be delivering 35,000 meals to those in need this winter in London.

By the end of this month, the charity, in coordination with Millwall Community Trust, will deliver approximately 15 tons of food, London News Online reported.

Muslim Aid works also in partnership with The Atrium and Can Hall Mosque as well as with the Felix Project, a London-based charity.

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“Over its 35 years existence, Muslim Aid has been committed to delivering aid all over the world, but We recognize the difficulties people have faced at home here in the UK this year due to the pandemic and we are working hard to support fragile communities,” Kashif Shabir, Muslim Aid CEO, said.

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“Through this initiative, we will reach thousands of people in the UK and make sure that they have food on their tables.

“What makes this project even better is that the food comes from a sustainable source, making use of the abundance of surplus food available, while ensuring that people have access to fresh and nutritious meals this winter.”

Launched in 1985, Muslim Aid aims to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Africa.

As a faith based international NGO, Muslim Aid draws upon a rich heritage of social action and working with various communities to improve the lives of others in need.