Walking From Midlands to Makkah: Man Becomes TikTok Star

For this lifetime journey, he will cover 4,000 miles, crossing borders and seas

A Muslim man from Midlands, UK, has set out on an adventurous journey for the Muslim pilgrimage or hajj, walking from Wolverhampton to Makkah in Saudi Arabia.

Pushing a cart, Midlander Adam Mohammed will walk for a distance of 4,000 mile journey alone, crossing borders and seas so he can reach the sacred city of Makkah, Coventry Telegraph reported.

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Mohammed is actually the one who built the cart which weighs around 200-250kg, and it is where he will eat, sleep and cook for about 330 days.

Sharing his daily live broadcasts from the road, Mohammed has amassed more than 400,000 followers and 2.8 million likes on the social media platform TikTok.

His journey will take him a year, and he leaves behind a wife and two children in Wolverhampton as he makes the journey across the continents.


fundraising page set up to support Mohammed’s journey has already raised £20,000.

The page states: “After speaking to him for hours… I came to the conclusion he is not doing all this for name fame or money. But just to highlight to the world we are all equal and he is no better than anybody.”

It goes on: “This is not going to be an easy journey for him, but is willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of Allah and giving himself up to Allah.

“Please help with any amount of donation so we can support him to reach his destination inshallah, and shine a different light on Islam.”

Support has been flooding in across social media.

Writing on his GoFundMe page, Emily Jordan wrote: “I saw them walking in Northampton and assumed I could donate so googled it! What an amazing thing to do, couldn’t not donate. Good luck!”

Shazia Yaqub wrote: “insha’Allah, you reach your destination to mecca, may Allah grant you and your family the highest level of jannah. Our family shall be keeping update with your journey and thousands of people shall do the same, insha’Allah.”

Sulma Parveen wrote: “He is doing a good deed and he is a very brave man.”

 Similar Journeys

There have been previous similar adventures, especially with regard to performing Hajj.

Last month, a group of four Kenyan cyclists and two support members embarked on a lengthy trip from Nairobi to Makkah to perform Hajj and raise funds to educate needy children in Kenya.

In 2018, a family of five Indonesian Muslims took a lengthy cycling journey of 13,000 km to Makkah to perform Hajj.

In 2017, another Indonesia Muslim walked more than 9,000 kilometers to perform Hajj.

In 2012, 47-year-old Bosnian Muslim, Senad Hadzic, reached the holy city of Makkah on foot to perform Hajj.

During his journey, the man walked for nearly 3,600 miles (5,900 km) from his Bosnian village to the holy city of Makkah.