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Liverpool FC, Islamic Relief Team Up to Help Vulnerable

Amid blistering cold weather, Islamic Relief UK has partnered with LFC Foundation and the Liverpool Mosque Regions Network (LRM) to distribute 500 essential food packs to vulnerable people across the city.

“We’re proud to partner with @LFCFoundation and @LRMnet_ for the third year in a row — to distribute 500 food packs to vulnerable people across #Liverpool,” Islamic Relief wrote on Twitter.

“This is all thanks to your support, and of course, all of the dedicated staff and volunteers involved! Thank you.”

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The initiative, held for the third year in a row, included the distribution of 500 boxes packed with essentials such as halal chicken, rice, pasta, eggs, beans, butter and bread.

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Rising Poverty

Over the past months, the city of Liverpool has seen a stark rise in families needing financial assistance and help with food.

As many people have been hit by rising prices, low-income families, those suffering from domestic abuse, the homeless, asylum seekers and refugees are struggling to prioritize eating or heating as they struggle to pay their bills.

Working with around 23 partners across the UK, Islamic Relief UK works to deliver vital food supplies to those in need in 2023.

“We’re aiming to deliver an estimated 8, 750 food packs reaching approximately 34,000 of the UK’s most vulnerable,” the charity wrote on its website.

“Each pack will contain essential items such as gloves, hats, scarves, socks, and non-perishable food items, which will help a family in need get through the harshness of the winter season.”

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