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Fans “Converting to Islam” in Liverpool’s Newest Chant for Salah

LIVERPOOL – Once again, outstanding Egyptian Muslim player Mohamed Salah has proven to be a true inspiration for Liverpool fans, who are singing his praises, and expressing respect and admiration for his faith after each game.

Several chants and songs have been released by the Reds’ fans for Salah. The newest of these was sang on Wednesday after Liverpool’s win against the Portuguese champions, Porto FC, 5-0, Empire Of The Kop reported on February 14.

Salah scored an artistic goal and made two assists for his teammates during this match in the European Champions League championship.

After the match in Portugal, a group of fans chanted that Mo Salah is quite close to converting the fanbase to Islam.

The song says, “If he’s good enough for me, he’s good enough for you – if he scores another few, then I’ll be Muslim too!”

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Hailing from a 90%-Muslim-majority country, Salah is a devout Muslim and often prostrates to God on the field after scoring goals – a trend in sports that Egyptian players have started since 2006 during the African Cup of Nations in Egypt- hence nicknamed the ‘Prostrating Pharaohs’.

Prostrating in Islam, or sujud, is usually done during the daily prayers. While in sujud, a Muslim is to praise and glorify Allah. The position involves having the forehead, nose, both hands, knees and all toes touching the ground together in a position of acceptance and submission to Allah the only lord.

There are several occasions for sujud, and the most famous of them is the obligatory prostration which occurs during the daily prayers where a Muslim has to say tasbih.

The current squad of Liverpool’s first team contains two other Muslims players beside Salah: the winger Sadio Mané, who comes from the 94%-Muslim-majority Senegal, and the German midfielder Emre Can, who comes from the 82%-Muslim-majority Turkey.

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