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Liverpool Fan: M. Salah Will Turn Me Muslim

LIVERPOOL – A Liverpool FC fan has tweeted that the team’s new signing Mohamed Salah is a great player and a great person who would turn him Muslim.

“He Gonna (sic) turn me Muslim,” the fan, Carson Coffied, replied in a tweet posted on Liverpool’s official account.

The tweet was posted to celebrate the Egyptian Muslim’s goal against Bayern Munich, the fourth since joining Liverpool, on Tuesday, August 1.

The player usually performs sujood after scoring each goal.

The fan’s tweet went viral on Twitter, liked more than 1900 times and retweeted more than 1500 times.

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It also received more than 157 comments.


“If you really wanna know why this tweet got this much of attention it is bcuz Salah represents a role model to Muslims all over the world,” a user called Shahd wrote.

“And proving that Islam is not just about terrorism as most of the world think but it is a religion of peace and kindness,” she added.


“I love how salah acts as a person, and also all of the welcoming responses I have received from people all over the world, truly amazing,” the fan replied to Shahd.