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Kansas Students Find Inspiration in Muslim Women Stories

  • Wichita Muslim Students Association hosts an event titled “Women in Islam
  • The event discussed several topics, including exploring the lives of inspiring women, and understanding women’s rights in Islam.
  • It concluded with a Q&A session.

Women have also played an important role in Islam throughout history, and their role and importance in the religion continue to be a subject of discussion.

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Seeking to educate students on the role and importance of women in Islam, the Muslim Student Association at Wichita State University has hosted an event on October 5 at Woolsey Hall, The Sun Flower reported. 

The event discussed several topics including, Exploring the Lives of Inspiring Women, Understanding Women’s Rights in Islam, the Vital Role of Women’s Education Today, and Modern Feminism vs Islamic Teachings.

“There’s always some kind of Islamophobic type of situation. And the first person to feel the brunt of that is your Muslim woman or Muslim sisters,” Ustadha Fatima Lette, an instructor at the Qalam Institute, said.

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Lette also spoke about the vital role of women’s education today, correcting misconceptions that women’s education was not prioritized or encouraged.

“What we see from our own tradition and our own scripture is the complete opposite,” Lette said. “That there is a label of emphasis and importance on one seeking knowledge and one being educated.”

The event concluded with a Q&A session allowing students to ask questions about being a Muslim woman in co-ed spaces, struggling with hijab, and being without marriage.