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Islamic Schools Top Table of UK’s Best Schools

LONDON – Both Muslim girls’ and boys’ schools in Blackburn, Lancashire, run by the Tauheedul Education Trust, beat off competition from London grammars to top the annual school performance tables coming first and third in the Department for Education’s national league tables.

“Our schools are heavily invested in ensuring that pupils make excellent progress and our staff go above and beyond the call of duty to give all of our learners the support they need to achieve, and surpass, expectations,” Hamid Patel, chief executive of Tauheedul Education Trust, told Asian Image on Thursday, January 19.

“To see the effects of this hard work reflected in the Performance League Tables – by having not one, but two of our schools amongst the top three in the country – is hugely rewarding, and we are thrilled that TIGHS and TIBHS are having such a positive impact on pupil outcomes and opening the window of opportunity for so many of our students.”

Islamic Schools Set Success Example in UK

Both Tauheeedul Girls’ and the Boys School take up the top two spots in the Department for Education’s national league tables.

Tauheedul Islam Girls’ High School scored 1.38 while Tauheedul Islam Boys’ School scored 1.16 – also well above the national average.

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The Department for Education’s performance tables, were ranked by its new Progress 8 measure.

“We are committed to nurturing today’s young people and inspiring tomorrow’s leaders and we want to ensure that our pupils – regardless of their starting points – are immersed in an environment where educational excellence is promoted, expected and celebrated,” Patel said.

“It is immensely gratifying to see that we are achieving this vision, and we hope to continue to build on this success. Congratulations to all involved.”

For years, independent Islamic schools remained at the top score of UK GCSE results, setting example for faith schools as successful, highly-achieving and inspiring educational institutes in Britain.

The Muslim schools overall average of students who received 5 or more A*- C grade GCSEs, including English & Maths, exceeded the national average with 9 schools achieving a 100% success rate – only 55 schools achieved the 100% landmark in the whole of the UK.