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Irish Muslim Women Serve 500 Meals on New Year’s Eve

A group of Irish Muslim women concluded the year 2022 in the best way possible, after volunteering to serve more than 500 hot meals to the less fortunate.

“It was an extremely busy end to the year – the last soup run of 2022. We had 500 hot meals, breads, pastries, fruits/veg, chocolate, drinks, sleeping bags, hygiene bags, 2 big boxes of hats gloves & socks which were a donation from a school in Wicklow,” Muslim Sisters of Eire posted on Twitter.

“We served 500 people tonight with your help & support. We are very grateful to all who donate consistently with love and generosity. A huge thank you to the volunteers for giving their time to serve others. Have a good weekend and a happy new year!” the group added.

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The Muslim Sisters of Eire (MSOE) is an independent organization of Muslim women living in Ireland.

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Over the past six years, MSOE has been running weekly soup kitchens to help the homeless in Dublin, Ireland.

Islam lays a great emphasis on the virtue of neighborliness, stressing on Muslims’ individual duty to be good to their neighbors.

The effort by MSOE volunteers won praise from people on social media, for volunteering in such cold weather to help the needy families.