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In Solidarity with Palestine, Bristolians to Gather for Massive Ramadan Iftar

Eston Muslims and non-Muslims are coming together on Sunday, April 7, in this year’s Grand Iftar on St Mark’s Road in solidarity with Palestine.

In the largest event since COVID pandemic, the popular event in Easton event is organized by several organizations, including Bristol Palestine Alliance, Easton Jamia Masjid, St Mark’s Baptist Church, local businesses and the community.

“The St Marks Road Community Group is thrilled to announce our Grand Iftar on Sunday, 7 April 2024. This special evening will be dedicated to commemorating the people of Palestine,” a spokesperson for St Mark’s Road Iftar team told Bristol 247.

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“We are proud to host this event in collaboration with the Bristol Palestine Alliance, local businesses, and our vibrant community.

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“We are excited to revive our annual Grand Iftar, reminiscent of our successful event in 2019 where a record 6000 people joined us. We are eager to once again celebrate a brilliant and bustling Iftar on St Marks Road, ‘The Greatest Street in the country’.”

“Given the gravity of the situation in Palestine, we believe that any iftar event should honor and remember those suffering in Palestine this Ramadan.

“Let’s break bread together at 7:55PM in solidarity with the people of Palestine, embodying St Marks Road Community Spirit.”

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The Grand iftar started in Bristol in 2017 as a way of promoting peace and unity and other themes have included sustainability and women in Islam.

In Ramadan, adult Muslims, save the sick and those traveling, abstain from food, drink, smoking and sex between dawn and sunset.

Muslims dedicate their time during the holy month to become closer to Allah through prayer, self-restraint, and good deeds.

After breaking their fast, eating fruit and dates, attendants had a meat stew popular in the Indian subcontinent, known as Haleem.