Hooligans Intimidate Muslim Women in Brussels Vigil

CAIRO – Muslim women participating in a peace vigil to pay tributes to victims of Brussels attack have been deliberately targeted and intimidated by far-right protesters who were making Nazi salutes.

“Self-declared fascists making Nazi salutes and chanting confront Muslim women in Place de la Bourse in Brussels,” Cath Turner, Europe Correspondent for 7 News based in London, wrote on Twitter.

The Muslim women were at the La Place de La Bourse square in Belgium attending a peace vigil dedicated to victims of Brussels attacks, The Independent reported on Monday, March 28.

The death toll in the attacks has risen from 31 to 35, with both figures including the three attackers.

A popular teacher who worked at an Islamic school in Brussels, Loubna Lafquiri, was among those killed in the attacks.

The group was suddenly surrounded by a group of 400 far-right protesters who singled out the Muslim women confronting and intimidating them.

The protesters were seen chanting nationalist, anti-immigrant and anti-Isis slogans as well as making Nazi salutes.

The 400 far-right protesters, who wore anonymous masks were seen picking out Muslim women from the crowd at the vigil and singling them out for aggressive, confrontational abuse.

The group carried a banner identifying themselves as “Casuals Against Terrorism”, indicating probable links with far-right football hooliganism.

“What courage it must take for men, in a group of several hundred, to intimidate Muslim women paying their respects in Brussels. Disgusting,” an ABC Australia journalist wrote on Twitter.

As the fascists marched into the square, significant police resources were eventually drawn to the Place de la Bourse to contain troubles.

AFP report that around 10 of the far-right protestors were arrested.