French Muslims Welcome Macron Victory

PARIS – Paris’ main mosque welcomed in a statement issued Sunday night, May 7, the election victory of centrist Emmanuel Macron as France’s next president, perceiving it as a sign of hope for the French Muslims.

“The Grand Mosque of Paris welcomes the brilliant election of Mr Emmanuel MACRON to the Presidency of the Republic,” La Grande Mosquée de Paris said in a statement published on its website.

Macron, the youngest person ever to run for Presidency in France, had never previously run for elected office.

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The former investment banker, 39, claimed 65.1 percent to Le Pen’s 34.9 percent, according to the numbers announced by France2 at 8 pm Paris time as the polls closed.

The mosque added that the election of Macron as France’s next president over far-right leader Marine Le Pen was a sign of reconciliation between French religions.

“The Great Mosque of Paris sees in it the sign of a France reconciled with all its spiritual and religious components,” the mosque said.

“It is a clear sign of hope to French Muslims that they can live in harmony and respect of French values,” the statement added.

During the second round of election, Macron was widely supported by Muslims who were fearful of Le Pen’s anti-Muslim policies.

After the first round of election, the rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris and its National Federation (FGMP) urged French Muslims to vote for Macron.

The French Council of the Muslim cult (CFCM) also shared similar calls, inviting French Muslims to vote for Macron.