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Food Parcel Demand Hits Post-Eid Peak in UK: Islamic Relief

A leading British Muslim charity has warned that demand for food parcels has been at highest since Eid Al-Adha. 

Islamic Relief, which has been distributing food parcels and Eid presents for a few years in the region, has seen demand increase this year.

“The month of Qurbani is a special time on the calendar for British Muslims and reminds us of our commitment to those less fortunate than us,” the director of Islamic Relief, Tufail Hussain said in a statement quoted by the BBC.

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“Each year we donate food at Qurbani, we find ourselves having to give more and more, as the need has just exponentially worsened over the years.”

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The charity traditionally sends donations of Qurbani meat and other food to the most needy in countries such as Sudan and Pakistan, among others. 

However, it stated that increased demand closer to home has led to redirecting some of these donations to people in the West Midlands suffering from the cost of living crisis. The distribution, which includes Qurbani meat, is carried out through community partnerships. 

This initiative began after the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha, which fell on 16 June.

Growing Demand

The charity is distributing more than 6,000 food parcels across the country, with just under a quarter going to Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

One partner is Masjid Al Falaah, and general secretary Adil Parker said: “Demand for food parcels post Eid this year is higher then I ever remember. 

“Put it this way, last year we distributed 200 parcels and it took us two days. 

“Earlier this year during Ramadan we gave out another 200 food parcels and it only took 20 minutes. 

“Even though we have 200 food parcels going out during this period, because of the high demand and cost of living, we will still be short of at least 150 packs for families in need.”

Islamic Releif isn’t the only Islamic charity providing help to the less fortunate in the middle of the current economic crisis. 

Many mosques and community organisations are already providing soup kitchens and food banks outside of the Eid period to ease the burden on those struggling to buy food.