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First Golf Taster Tour for Muslim Women Launched in UK

Allowing Muslim women to follow their dream and play golf, the Muslim Gold Association has launched UK’s first golf taster tour for Muslim women, offering them a more comfortable and inclusive environment to practice sport.

“You can actually play golf in a wedding dress. So surely you can play in a hijab,” MGA Founder Amir Malik told

Launched in 2020, MGA is the world’s first dedicated golfing platform that caters for the modern, professional, Muslim golfer.

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Over the past two years, the Association provided a unique platform where Muslims can enjoy golf at world class venues, network & socialize, but most importantly, be inspired.

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Encouraging Muslims to play golf, MGA has attracted hundreds of Muslim golfers, achieving huge success as the first association that caters to their faith.

The MGA also allows Muslims to play while preserving their faith, allowing prayer breaks, halal food, and no alcohol and gambling.

Women Tour

The tour, launched in Birmingham on May 21, will run for six weekends across six UK regions with higher Muslim and minority ethnic populations.

The women’s tour was launched after a series of successful pilot events held by the association in 2021.

Farah Bhatti, 44, from Solihull, is one of 400 women who have signed up for the tour.

“It was an opportunity that came my way that then opened up avenues that I didn’t even know that would exist,” she said.

Starting on the local level, Malik hopes to take the association to the global level.

“I want to take this game to every Muslim man and woman across the world and I want to create a platform where we can start seeing Muslim players turning professional,” Mr Malik says.

“That would be my dream.”