Far-right Flares Threaten Madrid Mosque

CAIRO – A Spanish far-right group has posted images on social media showing its members lighting flares in an area across Madrid mosque, in a clear threat to the safety of the Muslim community.

“The first images of actions taken a moment ago against Islamic terrorism at the M-30 mosque in Madrid, which finances ISIL: MOSQUES OUT OF EUROPE,” states the post by far-right group Hogar Social Madrid (Madrid Social Home), Local.es reported.

The far-right actions followed Brussels attacks which were widely condemned by Muslims worldwide.

“Without a doubt, what happened in Brussels on March 22nd is unacceptable, nor is it accepted within our logic or religion to commit such nefarious attacks,” the Madrid mosque and Centre for Islamic Culture wrote in a statement to The Local.

“Muslims all around the world have condemned this terrible event that took the lives of innocent victims, including Muslims as well,” the statement said, adding that the Madrid mosque also “emphatically” condemned the attacks.

Falling under far-right attack, Madrid Muslims expressed fears over possible attacks by the extremist group.

“We also condemn the reactions of extremists following what happened, including what took place yesterday afternoon by an extremist group that tried to attack our great mosque and cause damage to it,” the mosque said in the statement sent by Imam Hussam Khoja.

“We ask for the public to condemn this event and every other extremist act, reaction or prejudice against a religion.

“Finally, we repeat and reiterate as we always have that the Islamic religion, based on our Holy Book, the Koran, and the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be with him, does not have any relation with these kind of acts.”

The far-right threats were also condemned by the left-wing party of Madrid mayor Manuela Carmena.

“Do not go and criminalize the Muslim community,” the official party account wrote.

“We are fighting together against terrorism. Coexistence = safe cities.”

Spain has a Muslim minority of 1.4 million, making up about 3 percent of the country’s population, according to the Islamic Commission of Spain.

Islam is the second religion in Spain after Christianity and has been recognized through the 1967 law of religious freedom.