Excited British Muslims Welcome Ramadan

As British Muslims begin fasting on Monday, following Saudi Arabia, or on Tuesday, following the lunar cycle, there is a wonderful spirit of kindness, compassion, love, peace, harmony, and good advice.

The vast majority of British Muslims will adopt the literalist interpretation of fasting, from sunrise to sunset, while a minority will adopt reduced hour fasting based on scholarly fatwas on limiting the duration of fasting the further you are away from the latitude of Arabia and the days become increasingly longer.

Whichever approach a person has, all British Muslims share in the same spirit of the month, and some of that excitement, is shared below:

Spiritual Messages from individuals

Ramadan Kareem to all observing this month of spiritual growth and detoxing of mind, heart, and body. That magic is in the air.”

Rahima B.

“To me – Ramadan is the best thing that I have as a Muslim”

Kashif A

“Beside all the spiritual benefits. The more physiological stuff is clarity and focus!!!”


Mudassir A

“May this month increase you in spirituality and learning.”


Kashif C

“Ramadan Kareem- the holy month of Ramadan starts tomorrow, what this means is no eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset. This also means for the month of Ramadan NO coffee for me. I wish everyone a successful and peaceful Ramadan!”

Sabena C

“Wherever in the world you are, may the mercy, peace, and blessing of Ramadan be with you.”

Naveed S

Excited British Muslims Welcome Ramadan - About Islam

“Change means transformation and you control into what. You can choose defeat or you might choose the opportunity to grow.”

Mahwish Y


“This Ramadan, I pray that happiness be yours. May this day and the whole month open the door towards happiness and success.

Enjoy the gift of Allah and dear friend,

Let this 30-day of Ramadan be the start of our repentance and enlightenment.”

Diana K.

“Ramadan Mubarak to all those who are observing. May the month of fasting be easy on us all. May our prayers be heard. May this month teach us to continue our teachings not only in this month but every day of our lives.”

Samira K

“Ramadan Mubarak to all my friends and family.. both near and far. May this blessed month shower us with its blessings, leaving us thankful and appreciative of all that we have and all that we want. May the sacrifices we make and the kindness we bestow upon those around us, be a reflection of our purest hearts. May our days go by easily and swiftly as we get just one step closer to God”

Farheen L

Excited British Muslims Welcome Ramadan - About Islam

Spiritual Messages from community leaders

“With faith, in full conscience, fasting calls women and men to an extra degree of self-awareness.

Don’t compete with someone else’s Ramadan.

Don’t compare your circumstances to the biggest Shaykh and Wali in the world – and feel bad.

Make a plan and timetable that is realistic and works for you.

This month has not come to stress you out and make you despair.

Allah does not want YOU to lock yourself in a mosque and complete 50 khatms in 10 days. Nor does He want you to exhaust your body so much that you can’t go to work in the morning. Be true to yourself.

The worst thing you can do is to exert so much efforts in the first few days that you can’t continue and collapse by the end of the week.

Guidance is not a sprint. Guidance is a long marathon filled with ups and downs.

This month hasn’t come to burn you out. It has come to light you up.”

Mohammed I.

“During the next month, hundreds of millions of fellow humans will be fasting during daylight hours as part of their faith.

It is a hugely spiritual month of worship, reflection, and charity.

It will be physically hard but most of us completely adapt well within the first few days. The body adjusts and the willpower demonstrated is quite often extraordinary.

I am not doing time out!

Personally, I hope to continue with my routine, including my daily cardio. Abdal and I will be running the Hackney Half and I plan to visit Syrian refugees to deliver your generous aid.

My advice to me first is to exercise patience at all times.”

Emdad R

Spiritual Message through expression

Nearness to God is by far one of the greatest objectives any of us can hope for during the month of Ramadan. From fasting to giving charity, to supporting your neighbors, there are many different ways we can engage ourselves during this blessed time of year. Prophet Muhammad upon whom be peace one said that actions are by intention. So what better a way to begin this period of improved faith than with a poetic reminder to ourselves?

“I found faith disarming, after a lifetime of argument.

She came to me quietly and said,

“tell me, my love, what are your intentions?”

Ramadan, 5/5/2019

Sofia Ali-Khan

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