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Soup Run Crisis

Dublin Muslim Charity Warns of Impending Hunger for Those in Need

A Dublin-based Islamic charity has expressed deep concern over the impending threat to its soup runs, sharing concerns that people may be left without food.

The Muslim Sisters of Eire highlighted the challenges faced by soup runs in Ireland, raising alarms that many were shutting down for not being a registered charity or holding Health Service Executive (HSE) accreditation for soup runs, Irish Independent reported.

In a statement, the Muslim Sisters of Eire admitted that they are “appalled this is happening as it impacts the most vulnerable who depend solely on these soup runs.”

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“We are really tired at this stage and our heart is aching, not only for the soup runs who are being shut down but for friends and our sister soup runs with whom we have been working for eight years and are no longer operating. It is saddening to think about people that will be left now without food.

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Emphasizing the broader impact, the charity stated, “Each soup run represents a person, a family, someone homeless, someone destitute, someone in need – in a nutshell, soup runs represent caring, it represents humanity. That itself is what is being shut down.”

“United we stand, united we be together and unite we will not forget the forgotten people,” the charity added.

MSOE is an independent organization of Muslim women living in Ireland.

Over the past six years, MSOE has been running weekly soup kitchens to help the homeless in Dublin, Ireland.

Islam lays a great emphasis on the virtue of neighborliness, stressing on Muslims’ individual duty to be good to their neighbors.

The effort by MSOE volunteers usually wins praise from people on social media, for volunteering to help the needy families.