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Dublin Lord Mayor Honors Muslim Women Charity

The Lord Mayor of Dublin has invited a Muslim women charity group for a reception at the Mansion House to formally commend the work they do.

Members of the Muslim Sisters of Eire (MSOE) attended the event on Wednesday, thanking Daithí de Róiste for recognizing their charity efforts.

@muslimsistersofeire We are incredibly grateful to the @Lord Mayor of Dublin ♬ Fantastic Celtic music with Tin Whistle – akihirokasuga

“Our partner restaurants, charities and volunteers were also granted recognition from the Lord Mayor. Our founder Lorraine O’Connor, a true Dub herself has inspired us all to keep doing the work we do for the community in Ireland. That is our home,” the group wrote on TikTok.

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MSOE is an independent organization of Muslim women living in Ireland.

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Over the past six years, MSOE has been running weekly soup kitchens to help the homeless in Dublin, Ireland.

Islam lays a great emphasis on the virtue of neighborliness, stressing on Muslims’ individual duty to be good to their neighbors.

The effort by MSOE volunteers usually wins praise from people on social media, for volunteering to help the needy families.