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Danish Muslim Politician Confronts Troll

COPENHAGEN – A Muslim politician, who travels regularly across the country to meet her critics, has paid a visit to a troll who called her ‘nasty vermin’ face-to-face, in a BBC video that went viral on social media.

“I hate everything you and your kind stand for,” Muslim MP Özlem Cekic said while reading words written by “Stefan” on a BBC video.

“We want a world without Muslims. A peaceful world without you pigs destroying our values.”

The Danish politician felt she could help him overcome any prejudices by having a conversation.

The meeting took place at Stefan’s house who claimed the message was “meant as an eye opener” but Cekic wasn’t buying the excuse and then asked him why he had called her “nasty vermin”.

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At one point Özlem Cekic got up and left after becoming upset with what Stefan was saying and was seen crying.

But she eventually returned and finished the conversation because she thought it was important to have the dialogue.

At the end of the video she thanked Stefan for letting her in his home and admitted the conversation had not been easy.

It wasn’t the first time the former Socialist People’s Party MP had confronted a troll.

She has spoken to hundreds of people over the last few years who have sent her hate mail.