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Czech Company Promotes Prophetic Miswak

PRAGUE – A Czech company has been promoting Prophetic Miswak, describing it as a “revolutionary” new product for tooth care called the Raw Toothbrush, full of minerals and vitamins.

“Nature has created a toothbrush perfectly matching all the needs of our dental hygiene. The RAWTOOTHBRUSH. It will change your daily life,” Yoni company, which released the product, wrote on Facebook.

The new tooth care product was promoted as “remineralizes  tooth enamel”, “prevents tooth decay”, and “whitens teeth”.

“Ever since ancient times, people have been using tree twigs, sticks, Arak tree roots (in Arabic countries) and lemon tree or orange tree roots (in Africa) to clean their teeth and oral cavities,” the company added.

Muslims use what is called a miswak. A miswak, or siwak, is a small stick with which the teeth are rubbed and cleaned. The end is shaped into a brush through biting or chewing, which serve to separate the fibers and release the healing herbal powers of the twig. Some advantages of the miswak are that is does not require toothpaste, water or a special area to use it, and may be easily carried in one’s purse or pocket.

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It is also disposable and biodegradable – therefore, it is the ultimate environmentally safe toothbrush. Some people even believe it works better than a toothbrush.

Nevertheless, a more compelling reason to use the miswak is that it is Sunnah to do so. Abu Hurairah reported that Prophet Mohammad (saws) said, “Were it not that I might overburden believers, I would have ordered them to use the miswak at every prayer” (Imam Muslim, Vol. 1).

According to researchers it is this regular cleaning of the teeth, along with a proper diet, that makes the difference between healthy and unhealthy teeth.