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Community Raises £20,000 for Muslim Family Affected by Tragic House Fire

  • Community raises £20,000 for Muslim family in Oldham lost everything in a tragic house fire
  • Raised funds will support the surviving siblings, offering them re-housing, healthcare, and educational support

The people of Oldham came together during the last weekend to raise funds to support a Muslim family that lost everything in a tragic house fire.

Gathering on Sunday, August 6, a group of 60 men, women and children took part in a walk from Oldham to Manchester.

They have collected £20,000 to help the family of Sadia Shafiq who tragically lost her life in June to the fire incident that left her daughter in hospital with serious burns, The Oldham Times reported.

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Two of three surviving members of Sadia Shafiq’s family were present during the walk. 

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“All three ward councilors including Shoaib Akhtar, Fida Hussain and Nyla Ibrahim were also part of the walk which went to the local fire station on Hollins Road as its first pit stop whom the family were grateful for their swift response,” Afruz Miah, BEM, said.

“We then walked a total of 10km all the way to the fire station in Manchester.

“The aim of the campaign is to raise funds in support of the surviving siblings with re-housing, healthcare, educational support and general wellbeing which will be monitored by the charity Global Relief Trust.

“The support of the community has been phenomenal. Thirty local businesses who have sponsored the walkers t-shirts raised £6,000 alone.”

Cllr Fida Hussain added: “I’m pleased to be here in support of the grieving family.

“Hopefully Sadia’s daughter recovers quickly. It is nice to see so many people coming out in support. Every penny raised will go directly to the family.”