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Check These Stunning Pictures of New Blackburn Mosque

New stunning pictures have surfaced of the new £5 million Blackburn mosque, considered one of the most significant mosque projects in Blackburn in recent years.

With exterior work on the adjacent building completed, the four-story-high mosque, situated on the former Westholme Nursery school site on Preston New Road, showcases installed windows and finished archways and pillars, Lancashire Telegraph reported.

The upcoming stages involve completing the dome and minarets, currently bare steel structures.

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The mosque and community facility are being constructed by the Issa Foundation, a family charity led by billionaire EG Group owners, brothers Mohsin and Zuber Issa.

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While the construction cost is estimated at £5 million, the final total cost of the structure remains uncertain.

Once finished, the mosque will be the second most expensive in the northwest, following the £8.6 million Raza Jamia Masjid in Accrington, which opened in 2017.