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Celebs Speaking for Palestine Face Backlash

As the war on Gaza continues to cost lives of thousands of innocent Palestinians, many celebrities and media personalities have been facing abuse for daring to speak out in support of Palestine.

Over the past weeks, linking terrorism with the plight of innocent Palestinians has been used to deflect the brutal actions of the Israeli army, Asian Image reported.

Guz Khan

British Muslim comedian Guz Khan was the latest to be targeted with the familiar right-wing press attempting to cancel his appearance on Have I got News For You.

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Amir Khan

Boxer Amir Khan has also shared questions over his appearance at a university event.

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He said, “The defaming begins, we will continue to support innocent Palestinians in the face of genocide. They’re trying to get my event cancelled!”

Tez Ilyas

Tez Ilyas, a stand-up comedian has also been targeted with offensive material on social media for being a vocal supporter of Palestine.

Bushra Shaikh

Former Apprentice candidate, Bushra Shaikh spoke openly this week over her concerns that people were having their events and work cancelled over their support for Palestine.

The backlash has extended to football players after Bundesliga Mainz FC terminated the contract of Dutch Muslim player Anwar El Ghazi due to his pro-Palestine posts.

Algerian international Youcef Atal was also detained by French Police last November 24 over the posts supporting the people of Palestine.

At least 15,200 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7, 70% of whom are women and children.