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Burton Mosque Offers Free COVID-19 Tests for All

Over the past months, leaders of British mosques have led efforts to protect the community and help the vulnerable cope with the COVID-19.

As mosques closed their doors for more than three months, many have reopened cautiously after applying strict health measures.

The new measures include wearing face mask, observing social distancing, and regularly washing their hands.

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In Burton, however, the Central Jamia Masjid Rizvia, Uxbridge Street, has gone a step forward by offering free tests to people of all faiths as number of infections increased again, ITV reported.

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Tariq Hussain, from the mosque, said this initiative comes as a “community effort to tackle COVID-19.”

He added that the drop-in center is open “to everyone regardless of race or religion.”

It comes following a spike in COVID-19 cases in areas in of Burton.

Between July 4 and July 18 there have been 54 confirmed cases in Burton, with the majority of these centred in Anglesey, Shobnall and Horninglow.

The scheme is open to everyone with organizers hoping to test up to 400 people.

Burton Mosque Offers Free COVID-19 Tests for All - About Islam


The pilot project was praised by Staffordshire County Council’s Director of Health and Care, Dr Richard Harling.

This pilot scheme will give us really useful insight to help manage the outbreaks and I would encourage anyone who can to support this pilot by going along to get tested in the next couple of days,” he said.

“The mosques across the town are really pulling together to support our efforts on COVID-19. I would like to thank them for turning around this scheme so quickly.”

This is not the first time for Muslims to offer free COVID-19 testing.

Last May, the Central Florida’s American Muslim Community Clinic set up a free mobile clinic to perform free COVID-19 tests.

As of July 23, the COVID-19 pandemic has infected 15,433,760 and killed other 631,402, according to WorldOMeter.

In the UK, there are 296,377 COVID-19 cases. The virus has killed 45,501 so far in the country.