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UK Local Elections

British Muslims Voice Discontent with Labour’s Stance on Gaza

In a seemingly anti-Labour vote, Mothin Ali, a Green Party candidate, celebrated his victory in Leeds city council by crying “Allah Akbar” as a Palestinian flag unfurled behind him, symbolising solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

Ali, securing 3,070 votes and clinching the Gipton and Harehills seat, articulated a sentiment shared by many who feel disillusioned by the incumbent Labour council, The Telegraph reported.

In his impassioned victory speech, he voiced the collective frustration of those who believe they have been neglected, promising to amplify the voices of Gaza and Palestine.

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He added that people are “fed up” of being “let down” by a Labour council and concluded by saying: “We will not be silenced. We will raise the voice of Gaza. We will raise the voice of Palestine. Allahu Akbar!”

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His victory is emblematic of a broader trend observed across the country, where candidates advocating for Gaza garnered support and clinched victories over their Labour counterparts.

Naheed Zohra Gultasib, in Walsall, echoed similar sentiments in her re-election speech, highlighting the electorate’s discontent with Labour’s stance on Gaza.

“This is for Gaza, this is for Palestine,” Gultasib said in her victory speech, to cheers and chants, as well as murmurs of discontent. “You showed [Labour] that they cannot take your vote for granted.”

Muslim members of UK Labour Party warn of voter loss over Gaza stance –  Middle East Monitor
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