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Bradford Faiths Discuss COVID-19 Response

At difficult times, faith and connection to Allah help bring relief to many people, as in the remembrance of its Creator, the heart gets peace and comfort.

Believing in the role of faith, religious leaders from across Bradford have come together in a video conference hosted by the ‘Keeping Faith’ blog to discuss interfaith response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event, held last week, gathered Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, and Christian speakers who shared inspiring stories on how faith helped them keep going during these difficult times, The Telegraph & Argus reported.

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“It was great to see such a good mix of faith representatives and the breakout rooms were wonderful for insightful discussions,” Saadia Mushtaaq from the Muslim Women’s Council said.

Successful Event

The Bishop of Bradford, the Right Reverend Toby Howarth and Keeping Faith’s Diocesan Interfaith Adviser, Jenny Ramsden hosted the virtual event.

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Bishop Toby said: “It is not often that we have the opportunity to hear not just what people from different faith backgrounds are doing but why?

“What makes them tick? What are the resources from their scriptures that inspire them, or prayers that sustain them in their darker moments?

“It was this depth and richness that set the Keeping Faith project apart, and that made this event so refreshing.”

Jenny Ramsden said: “Faith is such an integral part of so many people’s lives, and so it felt important to recognise this and to ask people how their faith has kept them going throughout these strange and difficult times.

“Thanks to the contributors to the blog, we now have a lasting record of how people from different faith communities responded to the pandemic – both on a personal and at a community level”.

Islam has prescribed certain guidelines to deal with infectious disease outbreaks that affect a community, or even the entire world. COVID-19 is one such case in point.

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