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Blind Muslim Hijabi Inspires Others

SARAJEVO – Overcoming her blindness since early age, a Bosnian Muslim hijabi woman has become a source of inspiration to others with her writings, advising her readers to be grateful for all the things they have and not to be sad about the things they do not.

“I love to read, and I often find the inspiration to write something myself,” Dzenana Brkic, 22, from a small town Busovaca, Bosnia and Herzegovina, told

“Writing was always part of my life; in it, I found strength and it was a way to express myself. Recently, I sometimes post things on my blog as well.

“That is my way to show the world who I am, what I face every day, and that I am a human being like everyone else regardless despite my disability. I have the same wishes, feelings, ups and downs.”

Brkic was born blind. Even though three surgeries were done, only a small amount of sight could be restored.Blind Muslim Hijabi Inspires Others-1

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“There were so many times when I thought I will give up. A few times I nearly did give up, but so many times I did not. Despite all the obstacles and the fact that I have to make more effort than other students to find the accessible materials for studying and preparing for exams, no matter how many obstacles I encountered in going around – the list is too long, I do not give up. At the end, the effort is what is appreciated the most, not the results or grades“ she said.

Seven months ago, Brkic decided to don hijab, a decision she said has changed her life in so many positive ways.

“I’ve wanted to wear the hijab for so long. I was afraid of so many things. But all these fears became irrelevant once I realized how a big obligation it was for a believer. When I finally did it, I felt so fulfilled, like I finally found the missing piece for the puzzle. I felt complete,” she said.

“I thought that my old friends would abandon me. Some of them did, but the ones dear to me did not. Moreover, I gained some new, honest ones. Many wondered why it is important to me so much, why I write about it so often. Yes, it is important. It is important to help other sisters do the same and comprehend the beauty nearly slipping out of their hands. And it is also important because it is closely related to my disability.”

In her blog, “Riječ kao trag“, The word as a trace, Brkic mostly writes about women, hijab, disability.

Her biggest inspirations are difficulties which she faces and overcomes.

“Difficulties teach me about life. They show me what a human being can do, how much he is unbreakable, strong, courageous. My falls are my inspiration. My faith in Allah and hope in Him are my inspiration. There is always some good in the things which happen to us. My disability has its purpose – it helps me to write.”