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Blackburn Mosque Launches Its First Scout Group

A local mosque in Blackburn has launched its own scout group, encouraging Muslim children and volunteers to join the scouting movement, Asian Image reported.

“It’s incredibly pleasing to see a Scout group open in the Queens Park area of Blackburn,” Abid Saleh, District Commissioner of Blackburn Scouts who attended on the day said.

“I have no doubt Saliheen Scouts is going to very successful and I look forward to seeing the group grow in the coming years.”

During the event held on Monday, local district commissioners and officers from the Scouts Association visited Masjid E Saliheen in Blackburn to officially launch the new scouting group.

Blackburn Mosque Launches Its First Scout Group - About Islam

Popular Movement

Scouting has become very popular within the Muslim community with over 500 children and adults taking part in scouting activities every week.

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“It is great to see community projects taking place within the mosque and this is the first of many for the young people of our community, it is our duty to ensure young people are given the correct platforms to develop and become valued British citizens,” community engagement lead Samir Khan at Masjid e Saliheen said.

“I urge anyone with project ideas to come forward and speak to the management who will be happy to facilitate.”

Blackburn Mosque Launches Its First Scout Group - About Islam

Starting in 1907, the Scout movement was popular in the Arab world and out of the 40 million Scouts worldwide, 28 million are Muslim.

In 2017, the Eastern British city of Norwich got its first Muslim scout group, encouraging young people of all faiths to join and learn more about Muslims and the scouting movement.