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Blackburn Groups Host Muslim Singles Event for Over 30s

  • The event is organized by a team of five professional women and aims to help Muslims find the right spouse over a certain age.
  • It is open to both men and women who have never been married before and those who are divorced or widowed.

Marriage is very important in Islam as it guarantees physical and spiritual chastity and peace of a person and keeps the couple away from the downfall and trap of Satan.

Allah says in the Quran: And marry the singles from among you…” (24:32)

Helping Muslims find the right one, a Blackburn group will host a Muslim singles event for over 30 amid growing demand for similar events that respect the culture and traditions of the community.

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The event, planned on Sunday, November 12, is organized by Sisters4Sisters group, a non-profit organization led by a team of five professional women, all based in Blackburn.

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The event will take place at Foxfields Country Hotel in Billington.

“We wanted to do something to assist those looking for a potential spouse over a certain age,” a representative from the Sisters4sisters told Lancashire Telegraph.

“It has been something that is much needed in the community.

“We want to invite both men and women who have never been married before and those who are divorced or widowed.

“We have had a fantastic response so far and have received over 55 applications, but we want more profiles.

“If you know of any family and friends looking to get married, then please let them know about this event. It is a fantastic opportunity to meet a potential match.”

Organizers said they have made appropriate measures to ensure the event meets with Islamic traditions.

“We want to do this the right way, and we have spoken to relevant religious advisors,” Sisters4sisters added.

“We are hoping the event will be a success and the service will support the community.”