Bishop of Burnley Marks `Eid at Mosque

BURNLEY –Sharing `Eid festivities with other faiths, officials at the Masjid Ibrahim mosque in Burnely invited the Bishop of Burnley, Rt Rev. Philip North, to attend `Eid prayer earlier this week, in the latest episode of interfaith initiatives in north England city.

“It is a privilege to be with you today as you celebrate Eid,” Bishop Philip told Muslims attending `Eid prayer earlier this week, Burnley Express reported on Tuesday, June 27.

“The disciplines of Ramadan – of fasting and hospitality – are an inspiration to all people of faith.”

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Bishop Philip also passed on greetings from the churches of Burnley and across the County and spoke of how effective relationships across faith communities can continue to be built.

“This Ramadan has been a difficult one for British Muslims following the Finsbury Park attack and the tragic Grenfell Tower fire,” he added.

Bishop Philip was welcomed at the mosque by Hamid Qureshi and Mian Abdul Waeed, where he addressed the congregation.

“These recent events, including the outpouring of sympathy and support for those affected, highlight the ongoing need to create good relationships built on hospitality and honesty,” the Bishop said.

“With successful initiatives like Building Bridges in Burnley and events like this one today, I believe mosques and churches in this town have something to show the nation,” the Bishop said.

Later in the day Bishop Philip was invited by Mozaquir Ali, of Burnley Islamic Cultural Centre, and Building Bridges in Burnley to share an `Eid meal with his family, friends, and local community leaders.

“The entire local Muslim community was honored to receive Bishop Philip at the mosque this morning and it was a particular honor for me to host the Bishop for a meal,” Mozaquir said.

“We appreciate the support of the Diocese and back the Bishop’s call to continue to build good relationships,” he added. “Unity must be maintained and strengthened.”