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Birmingham Mosque Prepares Worshippers for Different Ramadan

Ramadan is a very special time for Muslims worldwide as they gather to share iftar, pray taraweeh, or give charity.

With COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the world, most of worshipping houses, including mosques, shut their doors worldwide to prevent its spread.

In Birmingham, the Green Lane Masjid and Community Center is planning a web conference to prepare worshippers for a “very different” Ramadan this year.

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Though the mosque doors are closed, it has decided to connect its members via the internet.

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“I think that we will be having quite a different Ramadan this year,” GLMCC chief executive Kamran Hussain said.

“The typical activities of opening the fasts together with family and friends, the nightly congregational prayer, the seclusion in the mosque for some people in the last 10 days, will all be implausible given the current situation.

“There is usually a real sense of community over this period that is felt by everyone coming together to eat, pray and worship each day.”

Ready for Ramadan?

In a message sent out to worshippers, GLMCC said: “Are you ready? Or has your mind naturally been distracted by COVID-19?

“Then you will be thrilled to know of our upcoming Online Ramadan Seminar streamed directly into your living rooms.

“Fantastic speakers from around the world, heart softening reminders to quell your worries and steady your heart, and truly uplifting lectures to prepare you and your family for a Ramadan like no other.

“This is our ease! What better time to pour our hearts out in dua, pray intensely in Qiyam and earn a countless reward.

“Let’s prepare together. Are you excited?? We sure are!”

Ramadan this year would be quite unusual with people now in a global lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mosques have been also shut down in many countries around the world with many of them urging Muslims to perform taraweeh prayer at home.

They were also asked to avoid public iftar and large family gatherings during the holy month.