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BBC Video Praises Birmingham Bearded Heroes

BIRMINGHAM – A group of Muslim volunteers, who have been cleaning Birmingham’s rubbish-strewn streets, have been branded “bearded heroes” in a new BBC video which praised their volunteerism to help the British community.

“The Bearded Broz is a volunteer group that helps residents in the West Midlands, offering practical help and an emergency food service,” BBC reported on September 28.

“They shot to fame with the Birmingham bin strike, when they helped local residents clear their rubbish.”

The bearded Muslim volunteers appeared after a strike by workers at Birmingham City Council left bin bags uncollected.

A Muslim group called “Bearded Broz” took on the task of cleaning up the streets.

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The BBC video is produced and filmed by Lily Freeston; Reporter: Ammar Ebrahim; Video editor: Cebo Luthuli.