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After Gaza War, Anti-Muslim Attacks in UK Hit 7-Fold Record High

Tell MAMA, a group measuring anti-Muslim hate attacks in the United Kingdom has recorded a seven-fold rise in Islamophobic attacks between October 7 and December 13.

“We recorded 1,432 cases (since) October 7, up from the 2022 figure of 195 cases (153 offline, 42 online), and represents the largest rise in reports to our service across 68 days,” the group wrote.

“In terms of categories, Tell MAMA received 387 cases of abusive behavior, 52 threats, 49 assaults, 46 acts of vandalism, 40 cases of discrimination, 28 acts of hate speech and 11 examples of anti-Muslim literature.

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“Whereas, in the online world, we recorded 819 cases – ranging from racist, dehumanizing memes to calls for violence towards Muslims, as noted white supremacists and far-right account holders pushed racist conspiracies of so-called “replacement” or stigmatized Muslims as criminals and terror threats.”

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Tell Mama urged mosques and Islamic centers to download its mosque safety advice resources and to consider its updated mosque security advice service.

Hate crimes targeting Muslim in the west have increased significantly after the start of the Israeli war on Gaza last October 7.  

Last October, Palestinian American boy Wadea al-Fayoume was stabbed 26 times by a 71-year-old landlord who was allegedly upset about the Israel-Hamas war.

Also in the US, the Council on American Islamic Relations and its affiliates nationwide have also documented an increase in incidents of anti-Muslim bigotry in the weeks following the escalation of violence in Gaza.