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72-year-old Muslim Woman Joins Self-Defense Class in Blackburn

Age is just a number.

This is a famous saying which retired 72-year-old Aisha has proven correct as she joined a self-defense course in Blackburn.

The Muslim woman left her comfort zone to join six-week self-defense course provided by Z’s Defense Academy for Blackburn Carers service and the carers they support.

“I joined the self-defenfe course because I think it’s better to know some tricks and moves to protect and defend myself,” she told Lancashire Telegraph.

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“This is completely different for me. It’s really nice meeting people and the tutor is really good, excellent – she knows what she’s doing.”

Pushing Boundaries

Aisha believes elderly people should push boundaries and learn self-defense techniques.

“I think (older) people should have a basic idea about it and what to do to defend themselves rather than being in that situation and doing nothing,” she said.

Self-defense classes for Muslim women in the west, especially for those wearing a hijab, are becoming needed more than ever.

Due to concerns about Islamophobia, many women are making their mission to empower Muslim women to defend themselves against anti-Muslim terrorism and harassment — on the street and in the workplace.

These classes help fill an important need for Muslim women who may feel especially vulnerable in the current political and social climate.

A local mosque in Edmonton announced a series of self-defense classes in August 2021 to empower Muslim women and give them a sense of safety.

In 2018, Rana Abdelhamid, a young Muslim business woman, created a new self-defense technique against attacks involving grabbing the hijab.

Chicago-based self-defense instructor Zaineb Abdulla also, in 2016, published videos teaching Muslim women how to respond to hate attacks and trials to grab their hijab.