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150-Year-Old Church to Be Converted into Mosque

  • The local Muslim community purchased the building to serve their growing needs.
  • Councilors have assured that stewards will manage visiting cars, especially on Fridays.

A Bradford abandoned Victorian Methodist church, vacant since 2020, is set to be converted into a mosque to serve the growing Muslim community.

The building on Chapel Lane, which dates back to 1870, has been bought by the local Muslim community to be renovated into a mosque as soon as possible, Asian Image reported.

“Cllr Hazel Johnson and I welcome the mosque as an asset in Queensbury ward, serving our diverse community, and are pleased to hear of their plans for an open day to allow residents to meet the team and have a look round,” Cllr Alex Mitchell (Labour) said.

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As some residents raised concerns about traffic and parking, councilors assured that stewards would be on the site marshaling cars, especially on Fridays.

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150-Year-Old Church to Be Converted into Mosque - About Islam

“We have been contacted by neighboring residents who have legitimate concerns about the potential traffic build-up on Highgate Road, which we share,” Cllr Mitchell added.  

“We, therefore, spoke with the new owners of the building, who have committed to have stewards managing visiting cars, particularly on Fridays.

“Traffic build-up and road safety is a primary concern for our residents, and we are continually working to ensure our roads in Queensbury are safe.”

The Clayton Heights church, a community staple for almost 150 years, underwent a £125,000 refurbishment in 2010, partially funded by Bradford Council.

Mosques are the beating heart of Muslim communities and stand as a physical example of the Islamic faith.

They serve as centers for prayer, education, information, social welfare, and events during Islam’s holy month of Ramadan.