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£126,000 Pledged to Support Blackburn New Mosque

A fundraising event to help build a new Blackburn mosque has been very successful after donors generously pledged £126,000 to support the project.

Over the past five years, volunteers have been holding charity treks and grueling cycle riders to raise funds to build the new mosque.

The new Islamic Education Centre, off Devonport Road, is in the final phase and will replace the terraced building at the corner of Addison Street, Lancashire Telegraph reported.

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Placing the green dome on top of the structure last year, theexterior of the mosque has been completed and work is now taking place to complete the interior.

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The fundraising dinner at the Staveley House, attended by up to 200 guests, was a surprise to many after raising £126,000.

“We were anticipating anything between £70,000 to £100,000 for the night,” host Tabarik Zabier said.

“We have done fantastically well despite the circumstances the country is facing economically.

“The love and attitude of everyone here tonight has helped to reach an approximate amount of £126,000.

“This will be in addition to the wonderful donation to pay for the mosque carpet.”

Helping Community

The new Islamic Education Centre will host events which will aim to address issues such as mental health, drug abuse and crime.

Mosques are the beating heart of Muslim communities and stand as a physical example of the Islamic faith.

They serve for prayers, for events during Islam’s holiest month Ramadan, as centers for education and information, and also as places for social welfare.

The Muslim population has grown from 4.9 percent to 6.5 percent over the past decade in England and Wales according to the census released in November 2022.

The new census, released by Office for National Statistics (ONS), found the proportion of people who identify as Muslim has risen by 1.2 million in 10 years, bringing the Muslim population to 3.9 million in 2021.