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This 11-Year-Old Muslim Girl Gets Highest Possible IQ Score

UK Muslim student scored 162 points, placing her just ahead of Albert Einstein

A UK Muslim student has received the highest possible score on the Mensa IQ test, thus becoming the new face of braininess,  SBS reported.

“I was shocked when I got the result – I never expected to get such a good score,” Tara Sharifi, a student in UK’s Aylesbury High School, told The Bucks Herald.

“It was a joint decision between me and my parents to take the test.”

Sharifi, an Iranian school girl, recently took the test in Oxford, where she scored an impressive 162 points. The result puts Sharifi well above the “genius benchmark” of 140.

The result also places her ahead of Albert Einstein’s projected IQ of 160 (although Einstein never sat for the test and this estimation has been questioned).

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Her IQ test qualifies her to join the Mensa membership (AKA the High IQ Society), where she will join the ranks of high profile women like actress Geena Davis and US writer Joyce Carol Oates.

“It will be a wonderful opportunity to meet other people within the Mensa system. I have told some of my friends at school and they were really impressed,” she added.

Sharifi is not the only genius Muslim students to have make such remarkable headlines.

In March 2017, Yasha Asley, a British Muslim of Iranian heritage, became the youngest ever employee at the university of Leicester, shortly after been enrolled in the prestigious educational facility.

Saheela Ibraheem, Nigerian Muslim girl, has also reserved a place among “The World’s 50 Smartest Teenagers” list.

Eritrean teenager Jemal Abraha  also developed a mathematical theory that associates a person’s phone number with their age, awarding him a signing fee of US$30 million dollars to work with Apple after he graduates.