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Clooney Speaks Out Against Islamophobia

BEVERLY HILLS – The Hollywood superstar George Clooney has spoken out against Islamophobia during his speech at Golden Globes, saying that the rising anti-Muslim fervor shouldn’t surge after Paris attacks that left 17 killed.

“Right now we’re just all just trying to process. And I hope that we don’t overreact again,” Clooney said, HITFIX reported.

“We have to be very careful of that too. There’s a lot of anti-Muslim fervor in parts of Europe.

“We have to make sure that this doesn’t get [folded] into this horrible, horrible act of violence.”

Wearing his wedding Tux, Clooney accepted the Cecil B. DeMille award for achievement at the Golden Globes 2015.

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The 53-year-old American actor attended the ceremony along with his wife, the human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin, who is born to a Druze father and a Sunni Muslim mother.

The couple wore a #JeSuisCharlie pin to show solidarity with Paris victims.

France has witnessed a blood-soaked week after a series of terror attacks that left 17 killed in the capital.

Several attacks were reported last Wednesday and Thursday on Muslim mosques and facilities across France.

Mosques in Sweden and Germany were also attacked following the attacks.

Seeing the Charlie Hebdo attack as a betrayal of Islamic faith, leaders from Muslim countries and organizations have joined worldwide condemnation of the attack, saying the attackers should not be associated with Islam.