New Zealand Launches New Halal Food Guide

NEW ZEALAND – In its effort to accommodate Muslim tourists, New Zealand tourism authority has released a new version of its Halal Food Guide, following the one released two years ago.

“We would like to assure that halal-certified food is easily accessible to Muslim travelers in New Zealand,” said Steven Dixon, Tourism New Zealand regional manager for South and Southeast Asia, Jakarta Post reported on Sunday.

“We recognized the importance of partnering with Kiwi Muslim Directory and the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ) in consistently renewing the Halal Food Guide. With our newest guide, Muslim travelers can choose from a plethora of cuisine in all areas and cities,” said Dixon.

First launched in 2016, the Food Guide highlights halal-certified cuisine, as well as supermarkets and take-away food outlets with halal certification.

Along with general travel information, the guide is equipped with 567 halal-certified listings.

In the new version, Dixon confirmed that New Zealand has shown its commitment to accommodating the needs of Muslim travelers.

Nawaz Ahmed, a project manager of the Kiwi Muslim Directory, praised the new guide, vowing his support for the Tourism New Zealand’s efforts to make travelers feel comfortable.

Described as the third-biggest spenders in global travel, Muslim travelers have gained attention of many countries, with efforts and plans now in place to make them feel welcome.

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