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Meet Hijabi Influencer Who Empowers Young Muslim Women

A positive inspiration to stay true to your faith. This was the main notion adopted by Yasmin Jay, an Australian Muslim social media influencer, who encourages young Muslim girls to celebrate their faith through fashion.

Jay is a Sydney based fashion designer and model who boasts nearly 150,000 followers on her Instagram profile.

The young Muslim uses her social media channels to empower young Muslim women and inspire them to adopt modest fashion.

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“My page is a modest fashion page and I basically post up images of me styling my different outfits,” Jay said, Daily Mail reported.

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“I blog my everyday life and when I travel or go to events, so it’s pretty much my platform to express myself.”

Meet Hijabi Influencer Who Empowers Young Muslim Women - About Islam

“Faith is definitely something that is related to modest fashion. I wear the hijab, so wearing the hijab we dress modestly,” she said.

“Modesty isn’t just about the way you dress, but it’s how you speak and carry yourself, how you talk to people.

“It’s so much more than just how you look.”

Hijab Empower Me

Jay say wearing a hijab makes he feel empowered. She hopes her channels will help to change the negative perception of oppressed Muslim women in the media.

“I wanted [my page] to mean a lot more than me basically posting a photo. I wanted to build a community where I could allow girls to feel confident and empowered, especially wearing a scarf,’ she said.

“Especially in the media, hijabi girls receive so much criticism. I want to be that voice where I can represent our community. 

“Just because you wear the scarf and the media says one, two, three, it does not stop you from achieving what you want to achieve.

“Me wearing the hijab does not stop me, it only empowers me and makes me want to push even more.”

Hijabi Fashion

According to Islamic Fashion Design Council (IFDC), Muslims spent about $322 billion on fashion in 2018. The hijab fashion industry could reach $488 billion this year, WHYY reported.

Non-Muslim international fashion lines and retailers have been trying to tap into the niche market for modest clothing.

For example, high-end label Dolce & Gabbana has lately released a collection of headscarves and coordinated abayas for Muslim women.

Islam emphasizes the concept of decency and modesty. Many authentic Prophetic hadiths quote that “modesty is part of faith”.

And the Islamic dress code is part of that overall teaching. The majority of Islamic scholars agree that modesty is mandatory for both Muslim men and women.