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Aussie Muslim Lawyer Hailed for Stopping Thief

  • A lawyer rushed to the aid of police to tackle an accused shoplifter in Sydney
  • He said his instincts kicked in and he didn’t question his own safety at the time

SYDNEY – An Australian Muslim lawyer has been hailed and praised for interfering to stop a running thief in Sydney.

“In the circumstances, you don’t think about your safety. It’s more the helping and taking into account Australian values, and trying to act on that,” Mohamad Sakr said, The Daily Mail reported.

“After they arrested that man, they came up to me and thanked me for my efforts.”

Sakr was walking in the street when he noticed a man running from policemen.

Without thinking, he leaped into action and barged the suspect into a rack of shoes. At this point, policemen were able to arrest the thief.

CCTV footage obtained by 7News showed Mohamad while stopping the suspect.

Mohamad added that people should try to help instead of recording incidents for social media on their phones.

“You see bystanders with cameras out, I don’t want to be that type of person, I thought I needed to intervene,” he said.

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