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Video of Muslim Praying in Sikh Temple Goes Viral

KUALA LUMPUR – A video showing a Muslim man praying inside a Sikh temple in Malaysia has gone viral on the internet, winning hearts of viewers worldwide.

The video came to the public after a group called Sikh Inside shared it earlier this week, Times Now news reported.

“A Muslim brother spotted doing Namaz [prayer] in Gurdwara Sahib Bercham Ipoh. Probably he couldn’t find a mosque and drop by Gurdwara to complete his Namaz. Powerful, God is One,” the group wrote.

The video showed a man in a blue t-shirt offering prayers inside a gurudwara [Sikh temple] while Gurbani [Sikh hymn] is being sung on the mic.

The video, shot by an onlooker, is winning hearts on social media.

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The video currently has more than 630 shares on Facebook and was viewed for more than 45,000 times. It is also being heavily circulated on Twitter.

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