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Tokyo’s Mosque Spreads Peaceful Islam

TOKYO – In a country whose population are mostly followers of Shintoism or Buddhism, Tokyo’s Camii mosque is doing a unique effort to help the Japanese people see the true mission of Islam, a video report by Press TV says.

Located in a quiet part of Tokyo, the mosque was constructed in 1938 by the Turkish community who emigrated from Kazan (Russia) to Japan.

A report published in Matcha travel magazine said the mosque, located in Shibuya wards’s residential neighbourhood of Yoyogi Uehara, is Asia’s most beautiful mosque.

The mosque has a refined exterior and beautifully-designed doors feature intricate geometrical designs characteristic to Islamic architecture.

Inside the mosque, both walls and ceiling are covered in finely-worked ornamentation. The interior also features geometric designs and Arabic calligraphy.

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Muslims from all over the world consider Tokyo Camii to be a must-see location in Japan.

Islam began in Japan in the 1920s through the immigration of a few hundreds of Turkish Muslims from Russia following the Russian revolution.

In 1930, the number of Muslims in Japan reached about 1000 of different origins.

Another wave of migrants who boosted the Muslim population reached its peak in the 1980s, along with migrant workers from Iran, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Japan today is home to a thriving Muslim community of about 120,000, among nearly 127 million in the world’s tenth most populated country.