Teen Says She Found Happiness in Islam

CAIRO – A young Malaysian teen from Kaula Terengganu, who reverted to Islam during a lecture by Dr Zakir Naik earlier this month, says her life is becoming calmer and happier as a Muslim.

“My life is more calm now and I’m happy living my life as a Muslim. I can’t wait to fast during this coming Ramadan,” Nur Nina Farisha Woo Abdullah told Bernama news agency.

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Nur, formerly Christian girl Wu Nina Grace, reverted to Islam during a lecture by Dr Zakir Naik in Padang Astaka, Kemaman, Malaysia, last April 14.

The 19-year-old teen made the decision during the final lecture titled ‘Muslims’ Choice – Faith or Destruction’, by the renowned Islamic preacher Dr Naik.

Nur Nina is doing her Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at Ranaco College, Kemaman.

Fasting some days with her friends in 2014, she is anticipating the holy month of Ramadan as a Muslim.

“I’m attending religious classes held by the college to study the basis of the ‘fardu ain’ and the Al-Quran…and I’m also getting comfortable with wearing hijab,” she said.

“I’m lucky to have many college friends who are ready to help me understand Islam and answer whatever questions related to the religion,” she told the media when met at the official residence of Terengganu Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman.

Four Malaysians have also reverted to Islam during Dr Zakir Naik’s lecture held in Kuala Lumpur under the title “Is Quran the word of God?” on April 16.

Dubbed the “melting pot” of Asia for its potpourri of cultures, Malaysia has long been held up as a model of peaceful co-existence among its races and religions.

Muslim Malays form about 60 percent of Malaysia’s 26-million population, while Christians make up around 9.1 percent.

Buddhists constitute 19.2 percent, Hindu 6.3 while other traditional Chinese religions make up the rest of the population.