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This Muslim Family Looks After Local Church for 100 Years

LAHORE – For the past 100 years, the family of Waheed Murad has been looking after a local church in their city, keeping the church clean and ready, The BBC reported.

Located in a rural area of Pakistan, where there are hardly any Christians, the St Matthew Church has been looked after by the Murad family.

While Waheed has been doing this job for the past 17 years, his father did it for 45 years and grandfather for 35 years.

This is not the only place for Muslims to look after local churches.

In Palestine, the Joudeh family has been working as the Custodian of the keys of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, one of Christianity’s holiest sites which many Christian denominations for prayer, for centuries.

The key was given to Joudeh family since the 12th century after Salah Elddin Alyoubi noticed some disputes between the Christian denominations in the church since the church is split between multiple Christian denominations, including Armenian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Franciscans, and more.

The Custody of the keys is still in the hands of the Hashemite Joudeh Family, Al Ghodayya until these days inherited from father to son and nobody is allowed this honored job other than this Hashemite Nobel family.

The Joudeh’s are still dwelling in the Holy Land of Jerusalem. All Christians Denominations are in agreement to keep the honored job with this Muslim family.

According to CIA Factbook, Muslims make 96.4% of the total population in Pakistan. Other faiths, including Christian and Hindu, represent 3.6% of the population.