Mosque Turns Pink to Support Cancer Patients

ISLAMABAD – An Islamabad mosque turned pink on Monday, October 23, to support breast cancer patients and create awareness among people.

Chief Executive Pink Ribbon Omer Aftab said that through this awareness campaign arranged at Faisal mosque a message has been sent all over the world that Islam preaches about the provision of women rights at equal levels, Dawn newspaper reported on Tuesday, October 24.

Islam is a religion that guides people in all walks of life. And health is an extremely important topic. The household set up is linked with a woman’s health, he added.

Monday’s event at Faisal mosque was a part of month-long breast cancer awareness campaign being observed across the globe.

October is being observed as PINKtober to create awareness about breast cancer.

During the campaign, a number of buildings including the Parliament House were illuminated with pink lights.

Aftab said that as many as 1.2 million women in Pakistan were at a high risk of having the breast cancer in their lifetime. Almost 40,000 women die each year for want medical facilities.

“To cater to the need of medical services for breast cancer more hospitals should be constructed and the campaign needs more support to ensure that none of us will have to bear the horror of losing a mother, a sister, a wife or a daughter,” he said.