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Granny Accepts Islam at Age of 90

CEBU, The Philippines – A 90-year-old granny in the central Philippines province of Cebu has accepted Islam, taking her shahada or Islamic declaration of faith with a Muslim scholar working with the UK-based Islamic Education & Research Academy (IERA).

“All praises are for Allah! This old woman tried her best to come to our Islamic symposium despite her predicament,” iERA page on Facebook reported.

“At the age of 90 years old, she accepted the message and took her testimony of faith (shahadah) with Abu Bakr Arabis. May Allah forgive her past sins and grant her Jannah.”

The shahada came as part of iERA’s Dawah Outreach work.

The announcement was welcomed by the audience on Facebook.

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Last November, a team of enthusiastic Muslims cooperating with the UK-based iERA witnessed a miracle after an entire village in Bantayan Island in the central Philippines province of Cebu converted to Islam.

Later in December, 59 people in the village of Tingtingon on the Filipino Island of Cebu, accepted Islam after a lecture by Abu Bakr Arabi titled “Why Islam is the chosen religion”.

Muslims make up nearly 8 percent of the total population in the largely Catholic Philippines.

The mineral-rich southern region of Mindanao, Islam’s birthplace in the Philippines, is home to 5 million Muslims.

Islam reached the Philippines in the 13th century, about 200 years before Christianity.

IERA is UK-based registered charity whose sole objective is the advancement of the Islamic faith.

IERA was established to provide support for new Muslims in the first couple of years of their journey, is now holding two of these retreats a year.